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Health risk factors

The proportion of current smokers among Indigenous Australians aged 15–17 decreased from 30% to 13% between 1994 and 2018−19
30% (160,000) of Indigenous Australians had either abstained from alcohol in the previous 12 months or never consumed alcohol at all
76% (131,218) of Indigenous children aged 4–14 were physically active for at least 60 minutes every day in the last week in 2014–15

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More than one-third (37%) of the burden of disease that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experience could be prevented by reducing exposure to modifiable health risk factors. These include tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, poor diet, high blood pressure and high cholesterol (AIHW 2016).

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Key facts

of Indigenous Australians aged 15 and over had never smoked


of Indigenous Australians aged 2 to 17 ate the recommended daily amount of fruit


of Indigenous Australians aged 18 and over had high blood pressure


of Indigenous Australians aged 18 and over had high cholesterol

Indigenous Australians aged 15 and over who are current smokers, 2018–19
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