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About this website

The Regional Insights for Indigenous Communities (RIFIC) website brings together a range of regional statistics about the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. The aim of the website is to provide access to data at a local level, to help communities set their priorities and participate in joint planning with government and service providers. The Indigenous communities and Other locations referenced, are derived from the Australian Government Indigenous Programs & Policy Locations and Australian Bureau of Statistics’ State Suburbs data sets. Refer to the Communities and locations page for more information.

people identified as being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin in 2016

More about People and communities
75.6 years

was the life expectancy at birth for Indigenous females and 71.6 years for males in 2015–2017

More about Life expectancy

of Indigenous Australians who lived in remote areas were very satisfied or satisfied with their own knowledge of culture in 2018–19

More about Culture and language

of Indigenous Australians aged 25–34 had a Certificate level III or above attainment in 2016

More about Education and work

of liveborn singleton Indigenous babies born in 2019 had a healthy birthweight

More about Mothers and babies

of Indigenous Australians aged 15–17 were current smokers in 2018–19, a decrease from 30% in 1994

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