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Intellectual property

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Copyright ©

The material on this website is subject to copyright, attribution or reproduction rights.


Material that can be copied or downloaded from this website has been released under a Creative Commons BY 3.0 (CC-BY 3.0) licence

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Material excluded from this licence:

  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)  logo 
  • Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • material protected by a trademark
  • material owned by third parties, which may include design and layout, images and signatures (we have made all reasonable effort to identify and label material owned by third parties)
  • material containing a separate copyright licence.

You may distribute, remix and build on this website’s material made available that belongs to the AIHW, but must attribute the AIHW as the copyright holder as is appropriate and in line with both Agencies’ respective policies in relation to attribution. If you are in any way uncertain as to how attribution should be made to material you access through this website, please contact either the AIHW and ask for further assistance before you proceed.

Please also note that some material on this website under more restrictive terms. Generally, these are documents pre-dating the Creative Commons licensing. Where material contains a copyright notice or licensing terms that does not comply with CC-BY 3.0, the notice or terms take precedence over CC-BY 3.0.

Attribution policy

Under CC-BY 3.0, you must attribute the AIHW as specified by this attribution policy. You must do so in a way that does not create the impression that we endorse your organisation or your work.

Unmodified material

Where you distribute or use material 'as is' (without modifying it) you must attribute the AIHW this way:

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Modified material

Where you modify, transform or create derivative works based on our material (for example, creating graphs or charts based on our data) you must attribute the AIHW this way:

Based on Australian Institute of Health and Welfare material.

Joint material

Where material is identified as jointly owned by the AIHW and other organisations, you must attribute the AIHW and the other organisations this way:

Unmodified material: Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; (organisation 1); (organisation 2)

Modified material: Based on Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; (organisation1); (organisation 2) material.

Using the Commonwealth Coat of Arms

Terms of use for the Coat of Arms are available on the PM&C website.

Enquiries and requests

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