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Regional overview

The Regional Overview Dashboard allows you to search for a community (or other location) and view statistics about a region that community is in. You can use the dashboard to compare regions and select different topics.


Step 1: Search for a community or location of interest using one of the 3 search functions (outlined under 'Dashboard tips' below)

Step 2: Select a topic to view statistics about using the drop-down menu above the dashboard

Step 3: Select a region type to view statistics for using the drop-down menu above the dashboard

Searching for a community or location

You can search for communities in 3 ways:

  • by entering the community or location name into the search bar above

  • by using the interactive map in Search on map

  • by selecting the community or location name from the List of communities.

If you are not able to find the community or location name of interest, you can use the interactive map to select a region you want to view statistics for.

Selecting a topic

Use the ‘Select topic’ dropdown menu, located above the dashboard, to select a topic to change the statistics shown on the dashboard. The default topic shown is ‘People and community’.

Selecting a region type

The ‘Select region type’ dropdown menu changes the region type shown on the dashboard. You can view statistics for smaller or larger regions by choosing a different region type.

More help

For more information on navigating the dashboard, use the   button, located on the top right hand side of the dashboard (next to the ‘Select region type’ drop down menu).

Region types available

The range of available region types is different depending on the topic selected. This is because data for some topics allows a more detailed regional breakdown, than for other topics. 

The communities and other locations that can be found through the RIFIC regional overview search include the locations in the Australian Government Indigenous Programs & Policy Locations (AGIL) data set. The AGIL locations are referred to as Indigenous communities on RIFIC.

For detailed information about the region types statistics are presented for, go to Region types.